Here's how you destroy a 23-year-old business during the course of one company bowling party: Have one group of employees name their team "Klein's Kleaning Krew" and enter the bowling alley wearing cones on their heads; have another group of employees—consisting of three whites and one Latino—dub their foursome "Border Patrol." Take a bunch of pictures, wait for some of your other employees (the ones with half a brain) to start to feel really uncomfortable about their co-workers, and poof, there goes your company. And deservedly so.

This week Minor League Baseball, which serves as the training ground for umpires looking to work in Major League Baseball, severed its ties with the Jim Evans Academy for Professional Umpiring after the aforementioned details about the academy's January bowling party emerged. Evans was a major league umpire for 28 years, and his Academy was one of two schools that sent students to the minor leagues. Without the affiliation the academy figures to have a hard time attracting new recruits. And all because of, in the words of Evans, "a bad joke that was not meant to hurt anyone." Dressing up like the most infamous domestic terrorist organization in this country's history is a "bad joke?" You're not funny. And you're out of a company.

[via New York Times]

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