He's earned the nickname the "Piggback Bandit." He's been banned from high school sporting events in five states. He takes multiple angles. Sometimes he's interviewing players, sometimes he's a superfan, or sometimes he's a team assistant. He'll do anything to reach his ultimate goal: A piggback ride from one of the teenage high school athletes. 

The mystery man is Sherwin Shayega, he's 28 years old, he's from Bothell, Wash., and he's popped up in Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. He has a lengthy criminal record including criminal tresspass, vehicle prowling, resisting arrest, and felony possession of a controlled substance. He appears to play to play dumb or mentally off at times, but don't think this guy doesn't know what he's doing. He's got his strategy down, and has even tried to pay for a piggyback ride. If you're from these areas and are in high school, keep an eye out. 

[via KSTP]

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