Now that those silly football contests are done with, we can finally get to the meat of this really weird NBA regular season. We've had four different teams occupy the No. 1 spot so far this season, but it looks like it might cycle through the same three for the top of the year (we gave the Mavs the top spot to start the season, but they haven't cracked the top 10 in a few weeks). Miami, Chicago, and Oklahoma City look like the cream of the crop at the moment, with the Sixers and Clipppers the most likely candidates to make it a quintet. In other news, the Spurs embark on a nine-game road trip, Mike Brown is getting testy in L.A., and the Knicks have seen the future and he's called Jeremy Lin. (Overstatement? Of course. But at least the future isn't Baron Davis) All that and more in this week's edition of the Complex NBA Power Rankings.