8. "How Long Have You Been a Black Quarterback?"

Super Bowl: XXII (1988)
Final Score: Redskins 42, Broncos 10
Date: 1/31/1988

It turns out a reporter probably didn't actually ask Redskins quarterback Doug Williams this question on Media Day before Super Bowl XXII, Williams only thought he heard it that way. The actual question seems to have been, "Doug, it's obvious you've always been a black quarterback. When did it start to matter?" But that's not a whole lot better. Other queries Williams, the first black QB to start a Super Bowl, heard that day? "Doug, would you have been able to handle all of this, especially the black thing, if you had made the Super Bowl a few years back, when you were 25?" "Doug, why haven't you used the being the first black quarterback as a personal forum for yourself?" Although our favorite was asked of Redskins offensive lineman Mark May: "How does it feel to block for the first black quarterback in the Super Bowl?"

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