39. Commercials at the Super Bowl? Never That!

Super Bowl: XLI (2007)
Final Score: Colts 29, Bears 17
Date: 2/4/2007

The NFL is a business with partnerships and sponsors. Players seen wearing brands outside of those the NFL has partnerships with face penalties. If it's during the season you're looking at 10K, during the Pro Bowl, 50K, and during the Super Bowl, 100K. Brian Urlacher learned this the hard way. In 2006, the NFL's official athletic drink sponsor was Gatorade. Urlacher was rocking a Vitamin Water hat with a bottle of Vitamin Water chilling right in front him at Media Day. The NFL lowered the boom on Urlacher and gave him the 100K fine. Now does the fail go to Urlacher for "losing" some small fraction of what Vitamin Water paid him to be a spokesperson, or the NFL for its ridiculous No Fun League policies?