41. Andre Rison Tosses His Super Bowl Ring

Super Bowl: XXXI (1997)
Final Score: Packers 35, Patriots 21
Date: 1/25/1988

There are probably NFL players who cherish their Super Bowl rings more than their wedding rings. When Andre Rison, who scored the Packers first touchdown in SB XXXI, was asked about his ring, he responded, "I don't even know where it is. How Desmond Howard was treated, how I was treated, no. To hell with that ring. [Former Packers coach] Mike Holmgren lied. That team has never been the same." So...Rison doesn't know where his Super Bowl ring is and he doesn't care because the coach lied? No matter what happened after the game, the fact remains that he played in the biggest football game of the 1996-1997 season, he helped the team win, shouldn't he want to keep that ring?