5. Easy Pickins

What: NFC Championship @ Green Bay Packers
Date: 1/20/2008

You could make a case for this moment being way further down the list. But here's why it deserves such high accolades: For starters, this INT by Corey Webster is the lasting image that Packers fans will have of Brett Favre, as this was his last game in a Green Bay uni. Secondly, the game was one of the coldest ever played in NFL playoff history and Giants head coach Tom Coughlin looked like his face was going to peel off by the end of it. And, finally, without this timely pick, there's a pretty good chance the Giants don't win this game and go on to play the Patriots in what would become one of the greatest Super Bowls in NFL history. All of that amounts to this being one hell of an important moment in Giants history.

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