23. The Fog Bowl

What: AFC Divisional Playoff vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Date: 1/5/1997

Steelers vs. Patriots is one of the most underrated playoff rivalries and it all began with Fog Bowl II. The Steelers were defending AFC Champions, but Terry Glenn, Drew Bledose, and Bill Parcells punked them right out of Foxborough in a 28-3 laugher. In Rod Woodson's last game with Pittsburgh, he was burned by Glenn for a 53-yard catch early in the first quarter. Not to be outdone, big-play Curtis Martin busted a 78-yard touchdown run to basically put the game on ice by halftime. The Steelers offense disappeared in the fog, as the intensely hyped Slash-and-Czack quarterback combination never got going. Kordell Stewart was a pathetic 0 for 10 passing, and Mike Tomczak threw two interceptions.