1. The Kick

What: Super Bowl XXXVI vs. St. Louis Rams
Date: 2/3/2002

The Pats led the heavily-favored St. Louis Rams 17-3 going into the 4th quarter, but after a 26-yard Kurt Warner touchdown pass knotted the score at 17, Bill Belichick was left with a dilemma. Run out the clock and take his chances with overtime, or let his young quarterback try to drive the ball (or worse, cough up the ball) with 1:21 remaining, no timeouts, and the ball on the Rams' 17. Coach Hoodie looked to his offensive coordinator Charlie Weis and said, "Let's do it." Tom Brady finds J.R. Redmond on a couple checkdowns before the drive is highlighted by Troy Brown's 23-yard catch. With :07 remaining, the unflappable Adam Vinatieri sets up for 46-yard field goal. Destined to live forever in Patriot lore or "Wide Right" infamy, Vinatieri swings his leg, raises his arms and triggers dip-spilling pandemonium at Super Bowl parties throughout Massachusetts.