12. Just Like Last Year

What: AFC Divisional Playoff vs. Indianapolis Colts
Date: 1/16/2005

Peyton Manning never looked worse than when he was playing in Foxborough with snow on the ground. A year earlier, Manning looked like a hopeless rookie, splitting Ty Law's numbers and gesturing for defensive holding calls like a pussy after every pass. A year later, armed with new rule changes targeted at the Patriots physical secondary, there was no way No. 18 could look as bad, right? Wrong! The Colts only cross the 50-yard line four times in a 20-3 beatdown. On the last play of the game, Manning fired an interception to Rodney Harrison. Instead of chasing the play, he stood alone. With his pants soaked in mud, and his hands on his hips, he breathed the cold air of Foxborough for the second straight year.