2. It's A Steel

Vehicle: 1959 Velocette LE MkIII
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Complex Says: Velocette was a British motorcycle manufacturer that started life as Veloce Limited in 1905. The company was regarded highly for its quality of workmanship and attention to detail with all the motorcycles it produced. After the war, the British public greatly desired a reliable and inexpensive means of transportation, so Velocette rose to the challenge by introducing the LE, which stood for “Little Engine.” LEs have a 150cc, water-cooled, two-stroke, side-valve, flat-twin engine. The MkIIIs have four speeds and a kickstarter. This one is being sold with no reserve, and is missing its mufflers. We're not sure how many of these survive in the U.S. today, but we're fairly certain you'll have to put in some effort to see another one. Want a restoration project? This may be for you. This is how British police forces of the time rolled.