1. An Interesting Little Journey

Vehicle: 1899 De Dion-Bouton Vis-a-Vis Voiturette
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Complex Says: As you may have guessed, the De Dion-Bouton company was French. It existed from 1883 to 1932, and it was well known for producing quality vehicles during its brief lifespan. For a short time, the company was actually the largest auto manufacturer in the world. Granted, it was the dawn of the century and not many auto manufacturers existed at the time. This particular example needs restoration and is missing its motor. On the plus side, it looks as though it still has its tiller. That's a good thing, because De Dion-Bouton Voiturettes all had tillers instead of steering wheels. If you have $30,000 and a lot of free time on your hands, perhaps the greatest thing about this car is that very few people will know what it is.

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