6. No Being Bored With This Snowboard

Attraction: Scion xB Numeric by 686
Complex Says: Scion took a different approach than other car makers at the show. Scion is all about customization, and its exhibit felt more like an art installation than a simple by-the-numbers lineup of its vehicles. The xB Numeric by 686 and the MV Designs Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen were opened up and on full display--as well as the Pit Boss Cartel iQ. While it's true that all three originally made appearances at SEMA, we appreciate the sense of fun all three vehicles bring to the CAS floor.

Of the three, the snowboarding-themed xB Numeric is our favorite. The Skullcandy auto setup--complete with speakers made to look like giant headphones in the cabin--is one of our favorite features of the xB Numeric. Other features include a 686 breathable fabric wrap around the exterior of the car, 18-inch Motegi rally wheels, GoPro visual racing mirrors, Vestal gauges, custom Sparco racing seats made to look like Union snowboard bindings, and more details than we can list here. This car has to be seen to be believed--photos do not do it justice.