1. Not A Hedgehog

Attraction: Chevrolet Sonic Boom
Complex Says: What's the most important thing about your ride, other than looking cool? If you answered, “having a killer sound system,” Chevrolet is singing your tune. Chevy collaborated with Kicker to create the Sonic Boom for SEMA 2011, and brought it along to the Chicago Auto Show for further display. Why? Features like matte satin red paint, a black skull and crossbone motif on the headlights and doors, and a 4,000-watt Kicker sound system all make the Sonic Boom look and sound like a rocket ship.

The Chevy booth is heavy on personal creativity this year, too. Chevy has a station set up next to the Sonic Boom where you can create your own ringtone via a touch panel. As you're creating, you can listen to the results both in headphones and via the Sonic Boom's sound system. When you're done, you can send the ringtone to yourself via email or share it with the world via Facebook and Twitter.