It's no secret that Jalen Rose and Shaquille O'Neal aren't the best of friends. Back in 2010, the two engaged in a back-and-forth beef on Twitter after Rose referred to Shaq as "soft." And, apparently, time hasn't helped heal the rift between them. During last night's Inside The NBA show on TNT, Rose took to his Twitter account and ripped into Shaq with a tweet—which has since been deleted—after the big man made a joke about him on the air.

"Shaq has Superman emblems in his home like a clown," he tweeted, "plus TNT has sideshow silly segments to hide the fact that he can't talk."

And he didn't stop there. Shortly after sending that tweet out, he posted this one, too:

Dayuuuuuuum. Those sound like fightin' words to us. Taking shots at Shaq's skills as an analyst—or lack there of—is one thing. But clowning him for his Superman emblems?!? Cooooooold-blooded!

[via Black Sports Online]

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