The newest member of the Big 12 is causing trouble before the new football season is even close to beginning. Fresh off releasing its first Big 12 schedule, the Texas Christian Horned Frogs announced that four of their players were arrested for selling drugs to undercover officers in a sting. The operation that has lasted six months culminated Wednesday with the arrests of 18 people, including linebacker Tanner Brock, defensive lineman D.J. Yendrey, offensive tackle Tyler Horn, and cornerback Devin Johnson. All have been dismissed from the team and could possibly be expelled if they are found guilty.

"Under my watch, drugs and drug use by TCU's student-athletes will not be tolerated by me or any member of my coaching staff. Period," coach Gary Patterson said in a statement. "Our program is respected nationally for its strong ethics and for that reason the players arrested today were separated from TCU by the University. I believe strongly that young people's lives are more important than wins or losses."

According to reports, Patterson recently popped a surprise drug test on his team on National Signing Day following the concern of a recruit over drug use on the team. In a conversation with an undercover officer, Brock said there "would be about 60 being screwed" by the test. Johnson went ever further, saying that a 82 players failed.

You can find the official affidavit documents here.

[via Star-Telegram]

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