How ridiculous is this? Last night, WWE champion CM Punk took to his Twitter account to engage in a completely random war of words with none other than Chris Brown. Now, we say "completely random" because this could either be a scripted beef between the two (which, given the WWE's past, wouldn't surprise us in the least) or CM Punk could really have a problem with Breezy. But, either way, here are a couple of the tweets that these two exchanged:

CM Punk versus Chris Brown at WrestleMania this year? Er, we're guessing that's not exactly what wrestling fans want to see. But, assuming Mayweather/Pacquio doesn't happen, it would (sadly!) probably end up being the biggest sports PPV of the year. 

On a separate note: Isn't Chris supposed to be kicking it with Rihanna again? If so, WTF is he doing on Twitter beefing with a wrestler? Don't you have better things to be doing, dude? Go do 'em!

[via Hot Clicks]

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