Want to know what Deron Williams thinks about Jeremy Lin? Of course you do. D-Will is one of the NBA's best point guards. So his thoughts on him are very relevant. However, the Nets floor general already sounds like he's sick and tired of talking about Linsanity. And he let it be known when he was asked about what he thought about Lin recently.

"Why would we get excited about the Knicks?" he asked a reporter after being questioned about Lin. "We're 8-21. I'm worried about us, not what Jeremy Lin's doing."

He tried to play off a few more questions about Lin, too, by joking with reporters. But, after the fifth straight question about him, he cut them off. "Y'all got anything about tonight?" he asked. "Anything that's relevant with us?"

You mean, the Nets, Deron? You want questions about the Nets? Nah, we're good. Have a nice night.

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[via FanNation]

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