A sad fact: Every year, thousands of sex slaves are forced to work at big sporting events around the country. It doesn't get talked about very often. But, it happens. In fact, as you're sitting there reading this, there are thousands of sex slaves in Indianapolis being forced to sell their sexual services at Super Bowl XLVI. Here on Complex.com, we joke around a lot. But this ain't no joke.

Fortunately, there are folks out who are trying to do something about the illegal sex trafficking that's taking place in Indy. Specifically, a group of nuns from Ohio are doing everything they can to eliminate sex trafficking at SB XLVI. They've contacted dozens and dozens of hotels within a 50-mile radius of the city and asked them to be on the lookout for possible sex trafficking and to call the authorities if they spot anything suspicious. If even just one woman is saved at the Super Bowl, Ohio nun Sister Nancy Conway said earlier this week, it will be worth it.

Sure will. Nice work, ladies. For what you're doing at SB XLVI and for what you're doing to bring sex trafficking at sporting events to light. With everything that's going on in Indy this week, it'd be easy for this issue to get overlooked. We're glad it hasn't been.

[via CBS News]

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