Twenty-Five years ago a man by the name of Danny White filed for a vanity plate that read "NO TAGS."  He had no idea what a seemingly harmless joke would cost him years down the road. In Washington, police dole out tickets for cars that have no plates and enter the information into the system as "No tags." See where we're going with this? Any and all of these tickets have ended up in White's hands, accumulating over $20,000 in fines. 

“How do I prove it’s not mine?” White asked. “They say, ‘I don’t know.’  You don’t know?  It’s your system, figure it out. ‘I don’t know’ isn’t an answer. I got to get this done.” 

White, who is constantly battling the issue in court, refuses to buy new tags unless the DMV pays for them. Smartly, the DMV is considering simply recalling the tag to avoid the problem completely. 

[via Reuters]

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