The concern about concussions continues to grow as we've seen numerous athletes suffer damage from brain-smashing hits. Whether it was for Aaron Rodgers or Sidney Crosby, we've seen more and more precautions taken before and after doctors see symptoms. Thus far, testing and extra padding have been the main contributions to helping prevent and aid concussions, but Battle Sports Science might have a revolutionary new item on its hands. 

A new chin strap has a strip of light that is normally green. If it turns red, that means that player took a big enough hit that he or she could have a concussion. The chin strap measures G-force and duration of a hit, and if that hit registers higher than 240 Head Injury Criterion, then the red light flips on. According to biomedical engineers at Detroit’s Wayne State University, a level of 240 HICs has a 50 percent likelihood of a concussion. 

The product is aimed at high school and youth leagues, but New England Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis will be wearing and promoting it during Super Bowl XLVI


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