How many times has the hover board from Back To The Future Part II come up during one of those "what movie gadget would you want most" conversations? That's right, every time. That's probably because the hover board is one of the most incredible visions of the future to ever grace the big screen. Well, guess what folks? The future is here. Toy manufacturer Mattel recently announced during Toy Fair 2012 that they will be releasing a 1:1 “movie accurate” replica that will even feature the hole left when Marty McFly tore out the handlebar pole in the movie. The hover board won't actually "hover,"  but is said to "glide over most surfaces (except water.)

Mattel will be taking pre-orders for the hover board starting March 1st through March 20th, with expected delivery scheduled for November or December 2012. However, because of it's expected high cost, Mattel won’t begin production unless a minimum number of orders is placed.  Pricing information is set to be released later this month.

via Slashgear