NBA legend Larry Bird caused quite the stir on the Dan Patrick Show this week, when he was asked about LeBron James. Not only does Bird think that James will win multiple championships, but he also stated that "The King" is within distance of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

“Everybody is a little different, but I will tell you what? That LeBron James is about as good as I’ve ever seen," Bird said. "I mean this guy is unbelievable. I’m not going to say he’s a Michael Jordan and all that, but he ain’t too far behind. He ain’t too far behind Kobe either. He just hasn’t made some plays down the stretch, and he will. He will win multiple championships before he’s out of this league. You can’t be as good as him and not win.”

We're not sure why people continue to bring these three players into the same sentence. It's a hopeless argument. Until LeBron actually DOES win a championship or eight, there is no point in discussing, because that is the entire focal point of one side. Even if he does, the comparison is just wrong. They are completely different players that have taken entirely different career paths and have varying skill sets. Not to mention the teams they have played on are on completely different levels. Please, people, just stop. 

[via Sports Radio Interviews]

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