We really hope that Kobe Bryant was only kidding around when he made this statement during a Drew League game last summer: "Repeat the list, man. Wilt. Me. Mike." Hey Kobe, we won't deny that when your career is done, you'll be mentioned as one of the greatest to ever play the game. But c'mon man, you're already claiming to be better than Michael Jordan?! That may be a bit of a reach.

Now we understand that rings tend to be a major issue when discussing the greats and one more for KB would leave them both with six. But MJ never had a teammate as dominant as Shaq to help him capture a number of chips. We're pretty sure that when The Black Mamba hangs it up, there will be plenty of legit discussions over who was the better player. So why don't we all–Kobe included–wait till it's said and done before making such bold statements? 

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[via Larry Brown Sports]

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