Kevin Durant was a first-hand witness to the obnoxious display that Blake Griffin put on against the Thunder the other night. When the moment occurred, you can see Durantula standing at the free throw line, watching his teammate Kendrick Perkins get annihilated. He stands there for a few seconds and proceeds to put his hands on his hips in a "welp ... shit" pose. After seeing that, he even ducked away from Griffin later in the game to avoid embarrassment. It's obvious that Durant knew what he saw, yet after the game, his words were quite dismissive of the reigning dunk champ.  

"I have no appreciation for it at all," said Durant. "It was a layup, I think. He threw the ball in and got fouled and made his free throw, so it was three points at the end of the day, no matter how it happened, how it went in the basket. I really wasn't impressed. He finished it. So what? We've moved on."

A layup, huh? Look, KD, we know you're a Top 5 player in the NBA, and that you could do things with that basketball that only a few others in the world could, but a layup? C'mon, son. Like we said before, Perkins called it a dunk, LeBron called it a dunk, and his fingers touched the rim. We are glad to see that you've got your teammate's back like that, though. This is just another reason why we don't believe that nonsense about beef between Russell Westbrook and Durant. This is a true team that acts as one strong unit. 

[via ESPN]

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