Yeeeeeeep! You knew it was coming, right? Any day we get to pull out Allen Iverson's classic "PRACTICE?!" clip is a good day. And we have J.R. Smith to thank for it. According to a report, the newly-signed Knicks guard was fined an astonishing $1.06 million during his time playing in the Chinese Basketball Association this winter for—you guessed it!—missing practices. Apparently, he had a clause in his contract that called for him to be fined every time he missed a practice.

"This was the arrangement when he came to the team," says Zhejiang Chouzhou general manager Zhao Bing. "Every practice, we let him know. If he expressed to us that he wasn't going to come to practice, we'd tell him that in accordance with our contract, we're deducting money from your salary. And he'd always get back to us with, 'Whatever. If you're going to take it, then just take it.'"

Ha! Funny enough, we're pretty sure Zhao isn't paraphrasing there. That sounds exactly like something J.R. would say. That $1.06 million represents about a third of the money Smith was supposed to make during his time in China, though. So, who's laughing now?

[via SLAM Online]

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