What was your favorite part about NBA All-Star Weekend? Was it the Rising Stars game on Friday? The 3-point contest on Saturday? The actual All-Star Game on Sunday? Or, was it the fact that you didn't have to hear about Jeremy Lin again and again—and AGAIN!—all weekend long? We have to admit: We love the guy (go search for Lin's name on Complex.com for proof of that) but it felt nice to do something other than talk about him in regards to the NBA.

Apparently, New York tabloid Newsday hasn't suffered from this same Linsanity fatigue yet. This morning, they featured Lin on their back cover for the 20th straight day. And, in doing so, they helped him tie a New York tabloid record. Only Tiger Woods, who appeared on the cover of the New York Post 20 straight times in 2009 after he admitted to cheating on his wife, has made as many consecutive appearances on a New York tabloid cover as Lin.

So, will Lin beat Tiger? Well, the Knicks actually don't have a game tomorrow, so there's really no reason for Lin to appear on...Oh, who the hell are we kidding? Newsday found a way to put him on the cover of the newspaper four days after the Knicks last played! Of course he'll be on the cover tomorrow. So, let us be the first to congratulate him on his first major record.

[via The Cutline]

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