Apparently, we're not the only ones out here wondering, "Who Is Jeremy Lin?" Yesterday, the New York Times also rolled out a piece on Lin, who is quickly making quite the name for himself as a member of the Knicks. In the piece, the NYT runs through a lot of stuff that we already knew—that Lin went to Harvard, that he was cut by two NBA teams before joining the Knicks, that he's an Asian-American trying to play in a league that doesn't have many Asian-Americans on its rosters—but they also threw out one super interesting piece of info that we didn't know: That Lin has been sleeping on his brother's couch in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City for the last six weeks while he's been in the process of trying to get a guaranteed contract from the Knicks.

"He has his own couch," his brother Josh, a dental student at NYU, tells the NYT.

Fortunately, he should be able to buy a bed—and rent his own apartment!—soon. His $800,000 contract with the Knicks is about to become guaranteed, meaning he'll finally have a little spending money to upgrade his living conditions. Don't expect the legend that's growing around him to stop anytime soon, though. Something tells us "Linsanity" is just beginning.

[via New York Times]

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