Javier Sotomayor

Sport (Years): Track and Field (1983-2001)
Reported Personal Best: 2.45 meters or 8 feet (high jump)

A lot of people were getting high in the '80s but no one got higher than Javier Sotomayor. Matter fact, no one has gotten as high since. In 1988, Sotomayor set the high jump world record by leaping 2.43 meters in the air at a meet in Spain. He'd literally raise the bar twice more by jumping 2.44 meters in 1989 and 2.45 in 1993. Sotomayor retired in 2001 after two positive drug tests (one for cocaine the other for anabolic steroids) had him facing a lifetime ban. Getting high on the track? Dope! Getting high off of it? It all depends on what you're into...