It's hard to find a better example of an athlete that has a body that simply cannot support itself than Greg Oden. The former No. 1 pick (before Kevin Durant) underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Friday to remove debris and could possibly have the same procedure done on his left knee in the next few days. Since being selected by the Portland Trail Blazers in 2007, Oden has undergone microfracture surgery on his right knee the same year and had microfracture surgery on his left in 2010 after breaking his left patella in December 2009. 

The Blazers and Oden had previously agreed on a new $8.8 million deal, but the seven-footer agreed to drop to $1.5 million once he had a setback in December. He is currently out indefinitely, and we seriously doubt that he will be making an appearance this season. He has only played 82 games since being drafted and has recorded 21 double-doubles in that time. 

[via Blazers Edge]

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