6. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

Rider: Mickey Rourke
Bike Name: 1989 FXR
Video Clip
Complex Says: Before Sin City and The Wrestler brought Mickey Rourke back to the forefront of the moviegoing public's imagination, he was Harley Davidson back in 1991. Set in the not-so-distant future of 1996, the film featured Harley Davidson riding his custom FXR with his friend, the Marlboro Man (Don Johnson) on a 1989 Honda PC 800. (Oh, and there was some plot about a botched robbery attempt, where the money Harley and his buddy stole turned out to be drugs. But no one really paid attention when there were bikes onscreen--and early '90s Tia Carrere.) Neither critics nor the moviegoing public seemed to like the film much--but it gained cult status in home video release. The opening credits are nothing but sheer bike porn--as much of a paean to Harleys as you'll ever see on the silver screen.

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