As soon as some investors drop some cash on this project, Studebaker is back. A six step plan for the return of the marque has been set forth, and is visible on the company's website. We'll summarize:

  1. Build a Scooter - No really, to gain momentum a 50cc gas or electric scooter is planned.
  2. Build a Car - Hilariously, the Lark is referred to as the "first vehicle." Scooters get no respect. Expect a hybrid here.
  3. Production Lark - Turn the concept from step 2 into a car that people can actually buy.
  4. Build Four More Concepts - The Avonaco, Hawk, President, and Champ concepts will be built. More hybrids are afoot. 
  5. Production Stuff - The Avonaco, Hawk, President, and Champ hit the market. 
  6. Go Public? - The website says that the entrepreneurs haven't really given this much through yet.

Studebaker is one of the car companies we'd most like to see resurrected, but as an all hybrid line? Hybrids are expensive to produce, emit lots of carbon in production, and the batteries within are filled with some really nasty chemicals. We'd love to see a diesel and hydrogen focused Studebaker, but this we're not so sure about. What do you think.

[via Studebaker]