Adjustment to the League (First 3 Seasons)

The transition from being a college quarterback to being an NFL quarterback is the toughest in pro sports. Both Eli and Peyton's stellar collegiate careers led them to being No. 1 draft picks in their respective classes. But which brother adjusted to the league in a more seamless fashion? Eli went 20-19 with a QB rating of 72.3 in his first three years, while Peyton went 26-22 with a 85.4 rating (Eli didn't start until Week 11 of his rookie year). They both won division titles in their second seasons, but let's not forget about Eli's "Chargers? Oh hell no!" tantrum after being drafted. Peyton looked like he belonged in the NFL from Day 1; it took Eli a while to grow into the role.

Advantage: Peyton

Eli: 4 | Peyton: 3