vs. Common Opponents

In games against common opponents played in the same season since Eli became the Giants' starter in November 2004, Peyton is 23-10 and Eli is 18-17 (the records don't match exactly because the Giants played three games against the Eagles one year, and two against the Pats another year—Giants fans probably remember that one). Team Eli fans will look at their man's overall record against the Patriots (3-1, including two Super Bowl wins) versus Peyton's (5-8 in the Tom Brady era), while Team Peyton will remind Team Eli about the first time lil brother played a team the same season as Peyton: December 12, 2004 at Baltimore, when Eli went 4-18 for 27 yards in the first half with two picks for a passer rating of 0.0. At any rate, you are what your record says you are, and this one goes to Peyton.

Advantage: Peyton

Eli: 2 | Peyton: 2