Since this is the easiest to decide out of all categories, we'll just get it out of the way now. 2 > 1. Peyton was 30 when he finally reached the Super Bowl after nine seasons in the league. He defeated the Chicago Bears led by Rex Grossman (eh, not saying much) 29-17. When pitted against another elite quarterback in Drew Brees though, Peyton came up short, going 31 for 45 for 333 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT in the Colts loss.

Eli didn't produce stellar stats in his first Super Bowl appearance four years ago (19 for 34 with 2 TDs and 1 INT), but it was his performance in the fourth quarter that won him MVP honors. Elisha became the first QB to score 2 go-ahead TDs in the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl going 9 for 14 and 152 yards. Top that with his epic 103.8 QB rating performance Sunday plus another Super Bowl MVP award, and your clear winner is lil bro.

Advantage: Eli

Eli: 1 | Peyton: 0