Play Calling

Nothing against Eli, he can check and audible with the best of them, but when it comes to play calling Peyton's the GOAT. The Colts don't even huddle. Their entire playbook is executed through a series of arm flaps, dummy calls and leg kicks by the highly imitated No. 18. Peyton turns the 40 seconds between each play into theater and calls his plays at the line, commanding every drive like a choreographed two-minute drill.

So how does it all work? According to Colts Pro Bowl center Jeff Saturday, it's a carefully crafted, synchronized process based on down and distance, "Whatever defensive front they have, I call it that way," Saturday says. "I'm setting who our Mike linebacker is. And then we make our calls based on the offensive linemen passing calls back and forth. At the same time, Peyton is making calls to the receivers and those guys and finally he comes up to the line of scrimmage and makes sure we're all on the same page.” Every 40 seconds.

Advantage: Peyton

Eli: 5 | Peyton: 6