Regular Season Play

Everyone always make a big deal about coming through in clutch games, the playoffs, etc. But you can't get to any of those moments if you're not playing well during the regular season. And when it comes to that, there isn't really anyone seeing Peyton Manning's consistency. Homie has a regular season record of 141-67, a QB rating of 94.9, and a record four MVP awards. Eli posts respectable but more modest stats like a record of 69-50, a QB rating of 82.1, and has only been named to two Pro Bowl teams.

When it comes to the Manning brothers' ability to lead teams into the playoffs, the Colts have made it to the postseason 11 out of 13 years Peyton was under center, while Eli has led the Giants to the playoffs five out of his seven full seasons as starting QB. Even in his Super Bowl seasons, Eli's Giants are pushed right up to the brink of elimination before going on ridiculous runs to sneak in via wild card. If you're looking for Ws before Christmas, Peyton is your man.

Advantage: Peyton

Eli: 5 | Peyton: 5