On Sunday night at the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, Dwyane Wade broke Kobe Bryant's nose. Not on purpose, of course. He simply fouled KB24 hard during the third quarter of the game and accidentally busted his beak. But, unfortunately for Kobe, it didn't end there as he's also now dealing with a minor concussion and the possibility of having to sit out tonight's Lakers game against the Timberwolves as the result of the foul. So, D-Wade was asked about it yesterday and he revealed that he has already reached out to Kobe to apologize for what happened.

"It's all I can do," he said. "He knows it's no ill intent of me to do that to him. Talk about me for taking the foul, but I never wanted that kind of outcome."

Kobe's teammates don't seem to be buying that, though. Both Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol chimed in yesterday with their thoughts on the hard hit Wade delivered to Bryant.

"It was an All-Star Game," Bynum said. "I don't understand what that was all about."

Gasol added, "I think it was out of place, out of line, for the moment and the game that it was, but I don't think he intended to break his nose. He just fouled him kind of hard out there and got his nose. But again, I don't think it was the place to foul like that."

Hmmm...Sounds like that Heat/Lakers game on Sunday is already shaping up to be quite the game. Let's just hope Kobe's healthy enough by that time to play in it.

[via ESPN]

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