Kobe Bryant left his mark on the 2012 NBA All-Star Game last night. During the third quarter of the game, he became the all-time leading scorer in ASG history when he threw down a dunk to surpass Michael Jordan's record of 262 points. But, unfortunately, the game also left a mark on him.

Just a few minutes after breaking the record, Kobe drove to the basket for a shot and was fouled hard by Dwyane Wade, who was defending him at the time. Almost immediately, Kobe's nose started bleeding. So, Kobe was taken back to the locker room for a CT scan, which later revealed that D-Wade had actually broken his nose. As a result, Kobe will now have to be evaluated by an ear, nose, and throat specialist today when he arrives back in Los Angeles to prepare for the second half of the NBA season.

Guys getting hurt in the All-Star Game? Yeah, this season has definitely been different.

[via ESPN]

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