First things first: Isiah Thomas is a legendary player in the NBA. He's a former NBA champion, a former All-Star, and one of the best point guards that a lot of us ever watched play the game of basketball. That being said, associating yourself with Isiah at this particular point in time and asking for his advice about playing in the NBA is like calling Bernie Madoff for tips on doing your taxes. With the rep he's gained over the course of the last few years (damn you for destroying the Knicks, Isiah!), it's just not a good idea. And, yet, that's exactly what Derrick Rose did recently. According to Thomas, Rose contacted him after the 2010-11 NBA season and asked him for advice about playing the point in the league.

"He was pretty down," Thomas said. "He asked me, 'How did you do it? How did you win back-to-back championships at this size?' And my response to him was that once you understand your opponent and know your opponent better than you know yourself, you'll win."

Hmmm...How philosophical of you, Isiah! Now, while we're at it, Derrick: Mr. Madoff is on line 1 with some great ideas about what to do with that $94.8 million contract extension you signed in December. Shall we patch him through?

[via Eye On Basketball]

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