Derrick Rose's back still hurts. On Tuesday night, he missed his third straight game for the Bulls. He hasn't been practicing. And even though a specialist told him there's no structural damage, the team continues to be cautious with him moving forward. That being said, Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau says there's a relatively good chance he won't play in the 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando later this month.

"He's just doing his rehab right now, so we'll see," he said yesterday. "We'll see where [the back situation] is when we get there. We just want to do what's best. We don't know how it will be. That's down the road."

It's not too far down the road, though. With just a little over a week left before All-Star Weekend begins, we think it's safe to say Rose will either be extremely limited during the All-Star Game—or sit out altogether. And if he sits out, what are the chances of David Stern letting Jeremy Lin play in the game? Ha! It sounds ridiculous. But, if he wants to get good TV ratings—and capitalize off Linsanity—he'll do it.

[via ESPN]

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