Earlier this week, rumors started to fly about how Derrick Rose was pushing for the Bulls to trade for Pau Gasol. The idea was that the Bulls would trade Carlos Boozer and C.J. Watson to the Lakers in exchange for Gasol, who was been the subject of trade rumors all season long. However, Rose made something perfectly clear after last night's Bulls win over the Bucks—he does not want the Bulls to make any major moves right now and he's more than happy with the teammates he's already got.

"That's something I wouldn't say to anyone," he said, "that I need someone to come to this team or I'm trying to get rid of someone on this team. It was all false and that's something I would never do."

He also mentioned that he talked to Boozer directly to address the issue. "He should know, but I talked to him a little bit," he said. "But I think he already knew they were false, where it's something I wouldn't do to anyone, especially trade him to any team. It was all false."

So, there ya go. Pau Gasol is not getting traded to the Bulls. As for the other 28 NBA teams? Well, that's anyone's guess. Sorry, Kobe!

[via ESPN]

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