It never fails for the Los Angeles Clippers. Just when you start to think luck might be on their side, one of their players suffers a devastating injury and brings them back down to Earth again. The latest victim of the "Clipper Curse": Chauncey Billups, who injured his left Achilles tendon during Monday night's road victory against the Orlando Magic.

"It felt like somebody kicked me," Billups said after the game. "I don't know if it's torn, but I know it's not good."

Not good at all. If Billups' Achilles is torn, he'll  be out for the season for the Clippers. And because he's in the final year of his contract, that would most likely mean he just played his final game as a Clipper—and, possibly, his last game period. He'll have an MRI today to determine the severity of the injury.

"We'll find out tomorrow," Billups said last night, "or the next day."

Things certainly don't sound good for Billups. But we wish him the best. At 35, dude still has a lot of ball left in him. We just hope he gets to prove it.

[via Los Angeles Times]

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