Although Brad Keselowski didn't win the 2012 Daytona 500, he won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans by using a loophole in the NASCAR rules to live-tweet from the race track throughout Monday night. NASCAR rules state that a driver may not use electronic devices while in a moving car. Thanks to two major crashes, Keselowski was able to get around that rule by tweeting from his idle vehicle and while he was walking around the track during a long delay. Behind the crashes, Keselowski instantly became the talk of the race, nearly tripling his followers on Twitter and gaining more than 100,000 new fans. He answered and asked questions, speculated, and took numerous pictures, giving fans a personal account of the race. Unfortunately, he was not able to tweet from victory lane. He crashed on the 187th lap. Read on to see Brad Keselowski's 10 Best Tweets From the Daytona 500