A little less than a year ago, Bob Knight delivered a speech in which he ripped the University of Kentucky and, more specifically, their baseketball coach John Calipari for using "one-and-done" players to achieve success. He said that he didn't believe a school should allow guys who already had one foot out the door to represent it. And, despite the fact that Kentucky is ranked No. 1 in college basketball right now, he apparently still feels the same way.

In fact, Knight appears to feel so strongly about his position that, as CBS Sports writer Gregg Doyel pointed out earlier today, he's made a point of completely ignoring Kentucky in recent weeks. During an interview on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning earlier today, he listed Syracuse, Duke, UNC, Missouri, and Kansas as the five best teams in the country—again, despite the fact that Kentucky is the team that's currently ranked No. 1 in the country. It seems strange that ESPN, who employs Knight as an analyst, would allow him to do that and even stranger that Knight feels so strongly about his stance on the Wildcats that he doesn't even want to acknowledge them by name anymore.

Let's just hope someone has a camera rolling the next time Coach Knight and Coach Cal are spotted in the same place. Something tells us things could get pretty interesting.

[via CBS Sports]

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