It's bad enough that Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno got pulled over in Denver last week on suspicion of DUI while he was whipping his Bentley convertible. It's bad enough that the cop who pulled him over detected the smell of alcohol and gave Moreno a roadside sobriety test that he allegedly did very poorly on. And it's bad enough that Moreno then failed a breath test and was subsequently arrested for DUI. So, please: Don't tell us that the personalized plates on Moreno's Bentley say "SAUCED" on them! Don't tell us that. Don't tell us that dude is that stupid.

Wait, they do say "SAUCED"? SIGH! Hey, Moreno, what's done is done. But, please change your plates ASAP. And, if you need suggestions for what they should say, we've got one for ya. How 'bout "CMONMAN"? After this latest incident, we think that about sums it up.

[via Deadspin]

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