Remember when Bill Belichick used to be dull, lifeless, and boring during his press conferences? Of course you do. Because it was only—what?—about two weeks ago or so. Since then, something has changed. It's as if he touched down in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI this week and became a totally different person. Some analysts have speculated that the Patriots head coach might be putting on an act for the media in order to mess with the Giants in the days leading up to the games. But one of his own players wide receiver Wes Welker has a much different theory.

"I think he's enjoying himself," Welker said on Tuesday. "I think he's got a lady in his life, so that could definitely be the case. I don't know...A lot of people have been asking me that. I attribute it to [his girlfriend] Linda, personally."

Oh, wooooooord? Let us find out that's what's going on, Coach. Whatever the case, it has been kinda nice to see Belichick actually open up a little and say stuff that's interesting and funny as opposed to just speaking in cliches and one-word answers, right? Almost makes us look forward to his next press conference.

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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