Pro athletes get cut by pro sports teams everyday for all kinds of different reasons. Delinquent behavior? Yep, that'll get you cut. Underperforming while you're signed to a huge contract? That'll do the trick, too. But former University of Memphis player Roburt Sallie just got released by the Spanish pro team C.B. Tarragona for a much, much different reason.

Reportedly, Sallie got caught taking the male enhancement drug ExtenZe while he was signed to C.B. Tarragona. No, er, big deal, right? Wrong. As it turns out, ExtenZe actually causes a boost in testosterone in males, which is illegal in most pro sports. Just like performance-enhancing drugs (no jokes here, please!), ExtenZe and other types of male enhancement pills give athletes an unfair advantage on the playing field. Thus, F.C. Tarragona cut Sallie.

Now, in his defense, Sallie came out almost immediately and told CBS Sports that he was taking sexual potency pills and not ExtenZe when he took a drug test back in November. "If you really believe...that I took ExtenZe to enlarge my penis," he said, "then you have to be crazy." In regards to the sexual potency pills, he also added, "It's something I've tried, it's my personal business, and I'm proud to say I did it."

But, regardless of what he took, one thing remains true: Sallie is no longer a member of F.C. Tarragona. Hey, athletes, let this be a lesson to all of you. When it comes to male enhancement pills and "sexual potency pills," just...say...NO!

[via Lost Lettermen]

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