The University of Alabama really, really wants to land prized college football recruit Alvin Kamara in 2013. So much so that they recently utilized one of the most interesting recruiting tactics we've ever seen. They arranged for 105 letters to be mailed to the four-star running back—on the same exact day.

"There were 105 letters from Alabama," says Kamara, who admits that he didn't read all of them. "It's because they want me."

Uh, ya think? Aside from the Crimson Tide, Kamara is also being recruited heavily by Syracuse, Mississippi State, Florida, Georgia, Clemson, and a handful of other college football teams. So it's safe to say he's gotten his fair share of recruitment letters. But, 105 in a single day? That's gotta land him in the Guinness Book of World Records or something.

[via Rivals]

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