Frank Martin's message to Kansas State University basketball fans is simple: Stop cursing so goddamn much!

Now, for our money, the KSU men's coach is the most intimidating dude in college basketball right now. He's known for screaming on his players. He looked like he wanted to scream on this sideline reporter. And, frankly, Frank just doesn't come across as someone you'd want to make mad. He looks like he'd do more than just curse at you. But he's making a conscious effort to stop swearing during KSU games—and he wants fans of the team to do the same and refrain from yelling expletives at opposing teams.

"One thing that I have worked hard at improving is the language that I use at games and eliminating these moments," he said in a letter to students recently. "I cannot allow my competitiveness to blind me from the fact that I represent you, the great students of a university of higher education. As a father, and an educator, there is no place for this at any event in which I am representing K-State."

Sounds like a good idea, coach. But good $^%&!#@ luck with getting a bunch of college kids to do that.

[via Lost Lettermen]